Take Back Your Health in Midlife! • Total Health by Elizabeth

3 Tips for Optimal Health:

Unlock the Possibilities that Your Health Offers at Any Age

In this FREE 7 minute Video you'll:

Go From:
  • Feeling drained of energy & struggling to make it through the day.
  • Being overwhelmed by everything coming at you, leading to your health taking a backseat
  • Feeling uncertain about how to make sustainable health changes, or which strategy to follow.
  • Struggling with fluctuating energy levels, brain fog, and stress management.
  • Maintaining energy and focus to fully savor every moment of your life.
  • Building a foundation of health that makes you feel good, and supports a lifetime of adventures and laughter.
  • Gaining clear, actionable strategies tailored for your midlife wellness.
  • Feeling empowered by a holistic approach that resonates with your life stage.

Step Into Your Future:

When you watch this 7-minute video, you'll immediately understand why working harder doesn't work when it comes to your health goals.  It's a powerful step towards reclaiming your health in midlife, and it's all just a play button away.

Hi, I'm Elizabeth. 

As a Master Certified Health & Life Coach specializing in women’s midlife health, I understand firsthand the complexities of everything that’s coming at you. I've navigated the physical, emotional, and mental shifts that come with aging, just like you.

My whole person approach to health focuses on transforming how we respond to life's challenges, balancing health with our evolving identities and family dynamics.

I host the "Total Health in Midlife" podcast, addressing the unique challenges faced by women like us. Embracing my dream, I now live in a beach town in Mexico, conducting my coaching business remotely.

Here, I empower women to rewrite their life stories, focusing on holistic health through eating, movement, stress and sleep management, body image, and mindset tools, all shared through a feminist lens.

With over 17 years of experience working with women in midlife, Let me help you navigate this journey gracefully, blending wisdom, wellness, and the courage to pursue our dreams, no matter where they take us.