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About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Sherman is a Master Certified Health & Life Coach who helps women going through peri/menopause to reduce their symptoms as well as reduce all of the other stressful demands that seem to accompany this season of life:

  • physical changes that follow this phase of life and aging
  • emotional demands that occur with changing family structures
  • physiological changes of how our body responds to stress
  • mental load that we carry as we change our identity and how we see ourselves in the world

Elizabeth hosts a weekly podcast called Total Health in Midlife: a podcast for the woman who, in spite of all of these demands, has been socialized to focus on her appearance, selflessly do for others, and in doing so becomes the best supporting actress in the movie of her own life.

Elizabeth is a Chicago native, but now conducts her coaching business as an Expat in Mexico, and meets with her clients through video: focusing on the areas of health: eating, moving, stress and sleep management, body image and how we think about them through a DEI & feminist lens.

  • Certified Life Coach - The Life Coach School
  • Certified Feminist Coach - Redesign Your Mind
  • Master Certified Coach; Sleep, Stress, & Recovery - Precision Nutrition
  • Certified Women’s Hormonal Health Coach - Metabolic Effect
  • Certified Health Coach, Personal Trainer - American Council on Exercise

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