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How to Lose Weight Forever

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What You’ll learn in this video

In this presentation, you'll understand why everything that we've been taught about weight loss is wrong when it comes to weight loss for women in mid-life.

  • The Secret to Losing Weight isn't found in diets, meal plans, or exercise programs.
  • There's no one-sized fits all approach when it comes to losing weight and feeling good.
  • Why diets and exercise programs don't work for long term weight loss, but what does instead.

The best thing I've gained from working with Elizabeth is confidence. She allowed me to realize that I am in control of me and my results. She gave me the tools I needed to succeed. I realized that healthy eating doesn't have to be a "diet" and can actually be enjoyable. I am 100% happier and healthier after working with Elizabeth.

Diana D.

Former Client

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Thank you for registering for the webinar & using me as a resource to discover more information about how you can accomplish your goal of losing weight without having to go through the painful process of starting another diet. As a token of my gratitude, please use the workbooks and guides below to help you in your journey. It just takes one small step.

8 Basic Habits Guide & Checklist

There is SO MUCH competing information out there of what we should be doing. I want to suggest that these 8 habits, when done consistently, will help you to be healthier than most people you know. They are the foundation of health.

Self-Love Workbook

We think that self-love is some sort of nirvana. That when we love ourselves or our body it's going to be this freeing experience that, when we feel so far away from that, feels unattainable. But maybe we're defining self-love incorrectly? Download the workbook to get started on changing your relationship with yourself & your body.

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