Easily Manage your Weight without Dieting

You’ve tried all the diets and weight loss programs. 

Nothing works Anymore! You know that there HAS TO BE a better way.

... But you're not even sure how to find it.

It's frustrating and discouraging when the techniques that used to work as a younger woman stop being effective. 

What makes things worse, is that all anyone can suggest is tired old advice: "Eat Less and Move More". Meanwhile, all you can think is, "If I eat any less, I'll be living on rice cakes and ice cubes! It's not fair."

Yet when you think about never dieting again, you begin to think things like: "I can't allow myself to get any bigger! This has to stop. I just need to do better."

So you try harder.

  • You hire a new trainer.
  • Prep your meals for the week.
  • Start weighing, measuring, and logging your food again.
  • Try the latest diet that everyone else is having success with (even though you know that it's not sustainable).

And instead of feeling encouraged, you feel resentful of everyone else who can eat whatever they want and not gain an ounce.

You've tried so many things over the years! So much more than most people would even consider.

And where when you were younger, you might have initially seen some success, now it feels like, almost overnight, no matter what you do, the weight doesn't budge.

But here's a secret: 

All of these things work, but not all of these things work for everyone.
Especially for Women in Peri or Menopause.

Chances are, if you're a Woman in Midlife, you've been Misinformed about your Unique Health Needs.

We live in a society that values thinness, attractiveness, and youth. And if you're anything like me, growing up in the 70's and 80's, you noticed that people regard, comment on, and praise weight loss and a thin body shape no matter what the cost.

As young women we were socialized to believe that being attractive is more important than anything else. But you probably noticed that the rules are different for women than they are for men. For men, physical attractiveness takes a back seat to being successful and marrying a beautiful woman.

Because society has also taught us that our greatest achievement would be to "marry well" - but in order to do that we needed to achieve that societal level of beauty: thinness.

So it makes perfect sense that we pursue diet after diet to fit that ideal no matter the cost.

As a result, most women in midlife don't have a great relationship with food, exercise, or our body.

  • Have you ever used exercise as a punishment for overeating?
  • Do you have a 'good' and 'bad' foods list?
  • Have you ever ignored your own intuition about the health and safety of a strategy because the result was too good?
  • How many diets have you been on that have left you feeling lethargic or lightheaded, but you continued because the diet guru said to stick it out?
  • Have you ever ignored your hunger signals because you ate all your allotted calories for the day, and weren't allowed to eat more?
  • Do you find that you're unable to stop yourself from overeating 'off-limits' foods?
  • How often do you notice that dieting and body weight is a common topic of discussion at parties and gatherings between friends?

But I think you know that continuing to abide by these rules and beliefs is what's keeping you from the success that you want, and isn't going to get you to where you want to go.

You have an inner wisdom about what is best for you and your body. You just haven't been taught how to hone the skill of listening and interpreting those signals.

No one else could possibly know what's best for you and your body like you do. 

You are capable. You've just listening to the wrong people.

You can learn how to be the authority of your own body. You can learn how to listen to yourself.

This is why nothing has worked before!

What if instead, you could ...

  • Never again log, weigh or measure your food, and still easily lose or maintain your weight.
  • Wear anything from your closet and feel amazing in it.
  • Trust yourself to follow through on commitments to yourself and not 'fall off the wagon'.
  • Wake up in the morning feeling bright, well-rested, & light.
  • Look forward to moving your body, instead of thinking of exercise as a punishment.
  • Effortlessly stick to the set of self-care habits that make you feel your best.
  • Naturally eat the foods that you know make you feel good without thinking about the calories.
  • Feel proud for being consistent with habits that previously felt so hard.
  • Improve your relationship with food, so that it loses its power over you.

This is why I created the Feel Good Sisterhood

I created the Feel Good Sisterhood to help you address and overcome all of the complexities that go along with wanting to be healthier and feel good while at the same time wanting to live your life without having food, dieting and the rules that accompany it clutter your brain space.

The Feel Good Sisterhood is a one year group coaching program where you will be safely guided to learn how to decipher your body's communication signals so that you can design the right set of habits for your body and lifestyle.

Within the safety of this program, you will learn why everything that we were taught about nutrition, exercise, our health, and body set us up to fail in midlife, and how to move forward and finally be successful. This program is designed to empower you not only in your health, but in every aspect of your life.

I never felt overwhelmed or like it wasn't something I could do.

The best thing I've gained from working with Elizabeth is confidence. She allowed me to realize that I am in control of me and my results. She gave me the tools I needed to succeed. I realized that healthy eating doesn't have to be a "diet" and can actually be enjoyable. I am 100% happier and healthier after working with Elizabeth.

What I liked most is that I never felt judged. I felt I could share whatever I needed. When I felt helpless and like I wanted to give up, Elizabeth kept me going. Being overall happier in my life, is helping me to make healthier eating choices.

- diana

Hi there,

I'm Elizabeth Sherman

When my mom passed away from breast cancer at age 63, that was my wake up call to do something about my weight and health. I knew in the back of my mind that if I continued putting my health on the back burner, that I was looking at my future.

What is your wake up call?

I would love to say that I immediately quit fast food, started exercising, preparing all of my own organic whole-food based meals, and meditating, but the truth is that I struggled getting all on board. Like, a lot. I tried more than just the Cabbage Soup and South Beach Diets. I logged my food, hired trainers, exercised like it was my job, ate pre-packaged meals, made franken-foods (like black-bean brownies!), took fat-burners, carb-blockers, and even that weird supplement that made it not okay if you ate too much fatty food.

Until one day I had a sit-down with myself realizing that this was all crazy. I DID NOT want to be logging my food, over-exercising, or any of this other stuff when I was 65. Nor did I want to die regretting all of the time and energy I had spent hating my body and wanting to lose weight.

I needed to get it together. Either figure out how to work WITH my body, or accept the body that I had. Because what I was doing wasn’t working.

What I found was that when I started tuning into my body, giving her what she needed and stopped fighting with her, I felt better - more energetic, fewer cravings, and slept better - and gained the appearance that I had previously been fighting to achieve.

The diet and fitness industry is built on the premise that they know what’s best for you. That the reason you’re not successful in reaching your goals is because you’re ‘cheating’ - that YOU are the one that failed.

I’m here to tell you that THEY are the ones who have failed you. And that’s why I’ve created this group coaching program - to show you that you are not alone in your struggles. AND that there’s a better way.

Master Certified Life & Health Coach

Certified Life Coach - The Life Coach School
Certified Feminist Coach - Redesign Your Mind
Certified Health Coach - American Council on Exercise
Certified Level 1 & 2 Nutrition Coach - Precision Nutrition
Certified Women’s Hormonal Health Coach - Metabolic Effect
Certified Personal Trainer - American Council on Exercise

After years of yo-yo dieting, ‘perfection-or-nothing’ mentality, and feeling stuck in a never ending battle, I knew I needed some wise guidance to walk in freedom and health.

I am amazed at how often she  ‘hit the nail on the head’ with wisdom and great ideas to help me work out or walk through a situation. As we are slugging through life-long issues that need to be released, I’m seeing victories in my body.

I’m realizing that my relationship with food stems from deeper longtime issues . SO thankful that our conversations are bringing light to what needs to go and what needs to stay.


When you Join the Feel Good Sisterhood, you'll gain:

  • Empowerment and Community
    Surround yourself with like-minded women who are experiencing the same struggles as you - who understand and relate to the unique challenges that we face as women in midlife. And then be able to connect the dots between our health and the subtle ways that women give away our power to others. Taking ownership of your body and health is a radical act of independence that you can apply to all areas of your life.
  • Accountability and Support
    Learn the exact shifts you need to make so that you can actively create new habits and learn the secrets on how to avoid falling back into old patterns.
  • Awareness and Understanding
    Create awareness and intimate understanding of your own patterns and motivations so that you can predict, anticipate, and respond (instead of react) to obstacles in a way that you want.
  • Self-Trust
    Build the skill of self-trust so that you can feel proud of yourself in the consistency you've established with your habits.
  • Clarity
    Break through the stories and limiting beliefs that lead to self-sabotage and are keeping you stuck from being successful in reaching your goal.


Trust the Process

My advice to anyone would be to trust the process. All those years of starving myself and going on ridiculous diets only to learn that if I actually eat real food and get enough nutrients/water into my body on a regular basis I will feel safe and secure and can then drop the excess fat! What a mind bending shift! I actually love eating now! 

And... my children no longer complain about me at the dinner table since I no longer bring my crazy, insane dieting rules and food regulations to meals anymore!

I have become very clear that I need to feed myself nutrients on a daily basis so that my body does not feel like it is starving and under stress. 

The Total Health Method:

Phase 01

The first step in change is awareness. We can’t change what we aren't aware of. So that's where we're starting. 

Phase 02
Goals & Future Visioning

The next step in the process is not only having a goal, but getting really clear on the vision. What will be different?

Phase 03

Learning to better understand how emotions serve us, allow and process them, and then how to respond versus react, is a crucial skill that will serve you in many areas of your life: outside of eating, exercising, and health in general.

Phase 04
Belief & Commitment

We are not going to be motivated 100% of the time that we're on our journey. When we want to give up, relying our belief in and commitment to the goal is a skill that we can cultivate.

Phase 05
Relationship with Self

Cultivating a good relationship with ourselves is going to lead to improved relationships with others. But this module is also pre-work for creating discipline, self-trust, and consistency.

Phase 06
Consistency, Discipline, Self-Trust

In order to have life long success in any behavior goal, we need to learn how to practice discipline and trust ourselves to follow through with our commitments.


  • Weekly group coaching sessions: We will meet as a group every through video for coaching, support, and teaching over the course of our time together on your weight loss journey.
  • Access to your Coach: Ask questions & get personalized support between sessions. I’ll help you move past the point where you usually give up, and instead get all the way to your goal.


  • Supplementary videos: Every other week, you'll receive two new videos teaching you key concepts & habits in improving your relationship with food, exercise, and your body.
  • Self-Study Materials: In tandem with the videos, you'll get weekly self-study exercises & journaling exercises to take what you learn and apply it to your life.


Support & Accountability
  • Invitation to Join Our Community: Access to our private, members-only online group to ask questions, give advice, and share your wins with other women in the group.
  • Access to client only website: All of your resources located in one place that you can access anywhere you want to go

PLUS Amazing Opportunities for Additional Support: As a part of the program, you’ll also have access to individual coaching sessions during the program and maintain access to many resources after the program ends.

Get Going & Stay Motivated

Some incredible resources and tools that you get access to:

  • Biomarkers Flowchart: So that you can avoid and troubleshoot plateaus on the spot.
  • Thought Work Prompts: Gain insight so that you can easily change your beliefs and behavior to be healthier.
  • Meditations and Visualizations: Reprogram your mind to release old stories and create the future you desire.

It's been life-changing!

My husband + friends think I have a more peaceful + calm demeanor, especially in the face of stress. They are often inspired to think about and improve their own situations based on what I share from our sessions.

This experience has been life-changing! I'm the happiest I've ever been in my own skin, my relationships with others have all improved significantly, and I have a much healthier perspective on life in general. Simply put, working with you has been one of the best decisions I've ever made in life. 

- Christine

So, You might be thinking… 

Is this program right for me? I’ve tried so many diets & they never work out. 

First - you are SO not alone.

Many women feel frustrated and let down by the diet and fitness industry, which has failed to deliver lasting results. However, embarking on a journey with a supportive community of women who have had similar experiences can be incredibly empowering. By sharing struggles and supporting each other without competition, you can learn to find your own paths and hold yourself  accountable.

The Feel Good Sisterhood is not just another diet program. Women who join this program are done with dieting because they recognize that diets are not effective for long-term success. Diets often focus on following strict rules and reaching a specific number on the scale, without giving you the opportunity to learn from your experiences and reflect on what truly works for you and your body.

In the Feel Good Sisterhood, we address nutrition, exercise, stress management and sleep, but the program goes beyond that. It asks the important question of "why." Why do we engage in behaviors that contradict our desires? And, most importantly, how can we overcome these obstacles?

The program spans a year because it provides ample time for you to relax and discover your unique combination of lifestyle habits. It allows you to understand what works best for your bodies and gives you the space to challenge and let go of the myths and misinformation you've absorbed over the years.

By embracing a holistic approach and fostering a supportive community, the Feel Good Sisterhood aims to empower women to break free from the cycle of dieting and create sustainable, healthy lifestyles.

Its time to take a detox from diet culture.

Kim G

The program is an opportunity to do probably more soul searching and reflection than you've done in a long time and do it within the context of some structured tools so that you can start building up a vision of what you would, what you're aiming for and the goals that you will have along the way to get you there.

Why One Year?

You're Playing the Long Game

In a world of quick fixes and fad diets, we've been conditioned to set unrealistic expectations for weight loss and become discouraged when results don't happen fast enough. However, giving up on a weight loss journey just because it's taking longer than expected can be defeating and add unnecessary pressure.

Many weight loss programs fail because they promise fast results without addressing the underlying habits and mindset that contribute to why we make the choices that we make. That's why a year-long program may be more effective in helping you unlearn diet the myths you grew up with, and develop healthy and sustainable lifestyle habits that lead to long-term weight loss success.

Taking the time to explore your own body and mind, listen to it's needs, and learn what really brings you true joy can lead to a mindset shift that frees you from dieting forever. Rather than giving up or settling for short-term results, it's worth investing the time to develop healthy habits and create a sustainable lifestyle that supports weight loss and overall well-being.

Imagine if you could:

  • Feel your best by knowing your body: which foods promote better energy, digestion, and reduce inflammation for you.
  • Feel good about yourself, and have confidence in your body.
  • Feel totally in control around sugary foods & sweet treats.
  • Feel energetic - like you've discovered a fountain of youth.
  • Break free from the scale dictating your mood for the day

This is your Opportunity to Stop Dieting, Learn what Works for YOU,
and Feel Good in your Body.

I feel like your program is the Netflix of weight-loss, self care, nutrition, and working out and you could totally educate yourself so thoroughly. There's just, it's so much wonderful information there are.

Seriously, there's so much information. It is a very robust program, but not overwhelming.


My Guarantee to You:

I am so confident in my ability to blow you away with our world-class service that I offer a personal satisfaction guarantee. If you get to the end of this program and you feel as though you did not get the level of service that was equal or superior to the investment you put in financially, I will write you a refund check myself. best case scenario, I change your life; worst case scenario, you learned everything I know for free. You have no risk.

I also have a Money Back Guarantee: Details in Frequently Asked Questions Section below

Ready to Take the Next Step?

12 Monthly Payments



What You Get:
  • Weekly Coaching to help you overcome barriers & facilitate change.
  • Daily Support and Accountability through the Online Community.
  • Comprehensive Trainings and Videos to reinforce the "why".
  • Prompts, Tools, and Techniques to apply the work & succeed in your goals.

* Limited Sliding Scale Pricing available. See the As to your Qs for more info

Elizabeth has a tool box that is overflowing.

Diane H

It doesn't matter which topic comes up during a coaching session, Elizabeth is prepared to thoughtfully discuss it and provide additional resources on the subject.

I love how the supporting materials confirm and enhance her instruction. I am very impressed with the professional manner in which Elizabeth approaches her coaching position.

She is warm, kind, and easy to talk to while maintaining a healthy coach/client relationship. She honors her profession and her clients. Not knowing what to expect from online coaching, I have been pleasantly surprised with the personal attention that Elizabeth has provided. Quick turn around with email and texts is the norm.

I truly could not be happier with the choice I made when selecting Elizabeth as my Life Coach!

The A's to Your Q's:

About the
FEEl good sisterhood

How does the program work?

You'll get instant access to all the lesson materials: videos with key topics and prompts to apply to the week’s topic. Then, when meeting as a group on through video, the calls will be a natural blend of Q&A, teaching, and problem solving for issues related to what's relevant to the group, or problems that you or other group members are experiencing as barriers to your success.

Between calls, you’ll have the support of Elizabeth as well as the other members of the group in our invitation only community to ask questions, celebrate breakthroughs, discuss insights gained from applying the work, cheer each other on with your successes, and support each other through your struggles.

Do I have to use Facebook? How is the Community established?

We do not use Facebook as a group. We use a tool called Slack to build community within the group, which is an app that you can put on your desktop computer, tablet or phone to take with you. It’s super easy to use, and allows a bit more flexibility, security, and safety than Facebook allows.

How much support & accountability will I get?

You’ll get as much support and accountability as you desire. If you step up and ask for support and accountability, you’ll receive it. By showing up for yourself and actively participating in the group, you'll naturally receive the support that you need.

When are the meetings?

Reach out to find out the exact time of the meetings. There could be multiple meeting times that work for you.

What if I miss a session?

All of the calls will be recorded, and posted for replay within our community tool. Even if you attend a session, you may want to go back and watch a call to better absorb the teachings - it can be such a helpful tool. 

What's the time investment?

Our group calls are scheduled for an hour. 

The module lessons are short and intended to be consumable in short amounts of time.

Application of the concepts will vary depending on how the subject lands for you. Some weeks, you may want to spend more time digging in to a topic, whereas other weeks, the topic may not feel very relevant to your situation. 15 30 minutes daily to focus on incorporating the material into your routine, and if you have more time, Great! That's a total bonus!

About Our Philosophy

How does it work? How can I lose weight without dieting?

That is SUCH a great question. Here’s where we’re going to start: We’re going to start with the foundational habits: things like drinking water, eating vegetables, getting enough sleep… you know the drill.

And then we'll move on to topics like minimizing overeating and eating when we're not hungry.

From there, we'll explore why we don't do what we know we should be doing by developing skills around awareness, self-reflection, and learning self-compassion with the idea that if we stop the negative self-talk, and start to accept and appreciate who we are, we will take care of our body - not overeat, not numb with food or alcohol, and prioritize our needs and wants.

Do you have a Guarantee?

Yes. I have 2:
Service Guarantee:
I am so confident in my ability to blow you away with my team's world-class service that I offer a personal satisfaction guarantee. If you get to the end of this program and you feel as though you did not get the level of service that was equal or superior to the investment you put in financially, I will write you a refund check myself. best case scenario, I change your life; worst case scenario, you learned everything I know for free. You have no risk.

Money Back Guarantee:

100% money back if you are not satisfied with the results that you get at the end of the course - no questions asked. Conditions Apply.

Things I can guarantee:

  • improved relationship with food
  • Improved relationship with body
  • Feel better
  • Less lethargy
  • Less brain fog
  • More energy
  • Stop overeating
  • better sleep
  • better digestion
  • -reduced hot flashes & night sweats
  • Fewer headaches due to food intolerance or stress
  • Improved mood
  • Increased pelvic floor control (Less urinary incontinence)

Things I can’t guarantee but typically happen:

  • Weight loss
  • Less pain in joints
  • Less anxiety
  • Sleeping through the night
  • Eliminate hot flashes
  • Eliminate night sweats
  • Improved health numbers (blood glucose, cholesterol, A1C, etc.)

Things I can not guarantee:

  • You will get to goal weight
  • Eliminate sleep apnea
  • Improved sex drive & sexual function/vaginal lubrication
  • Improved memory
  • Increased fertility

* Conditions Apply to Money Back Guarantee

What Happens Next?

What payment types do you offer?

We accept all major Credit Cards.

Can you tell me more about the sliding scale option?

I understand that $450 per month is not an inexpensive investment. The feedback that I’ve received from women in the group in the past is that it’s worth every penny. But I also understand that not everyone has the financial means to invest that amount. So, I offer a sliding scale option. It’s first come first served & you’ll fill out an application. 

If this is something that you want to explore - if you want to join the program, but literally do not have the money, just schedule your call & make a note that you’re interested in the scholarship & I’ll send over the application link.

Do you have other Questions? Want to schedule a consult?

It totally makes sense that you might have questions. I'm happy to carve out some time to consult with you about what your goals are, what type of support you're looking for, and whether the Feel Good Sisterhood is a right fit for you.

When you click the Schedule your Consult button below, you will be asked for 2 things:

  1. Schedule a Consult Call: If we don't already know each other, this will provide you with the opportunity to ask any questions, make sure that this program is a right fit for you & that you will thrive in the community of other women.
  2. Fill out a 10 Question Application: This will get you thinking about what results you're looking for, why now is the right time, and how I (Elizabeth) & the other women in the group can support you in your goals.

It takes time to discover how my body works: what foods and amounts will fuel me and what movement I need. That is all a part of the master plan, but it took experimenting.

At the beginning, I wanted you to give me a map.

Now I know you are providing the expertise, tools, and a boost of confidence for to be the writer of my map.


This is the Next Step...

If you are done with dieting and want to create a healthy relationship with food and your body, there isn't a better way.

Second guessing yourself and the subsequent negative self-talk is a thing of the past. All you need to do is say yes.

The Feel Good Sisterhood is a safe space to learn sustainable habits and mindset principles that you can’t just forget - because it will change how you think about not only food, but … everything else in your life too! 

Whether you’re a total beginner or have tried and struggled many times before, we’re so excited to welcome you into our mid-life girl gang. We’ll support and help you discover your unique cocktail of lifestyle habits and self-care strategy that will make you look and feel amazing!

  • Total Health by Elizabeth
  • hello@elizabethsherman.com
  • 512.981.5043