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what My clients Say:


Coaching with Elizabeth is amazing!! I’ve had major break throughs in my thought processes and I highly value her guidance!

Elizabeth H.



Elizabeth is a dream coach. When working together, she considered my entire life, not just weight or fitness, in helping me establish goals. She worked collaboratively with me to set realistic expectations of the coaching process as well as what I could expect for results. I never felt like I was part of a cookie-cutter program, but rather focusing inward on my own potential, weaknesses and habits. Throughout the journey, Elizabeth served as cheerleader, motivator, mentor and much more. 

Haley C.



100% of weight loss is mental. I knew this deep down but could not figure out how to love myself enough to find this out for real. Elizabeth doesn’t just teach you how to lose weight, she teaches you how to lose your mental weight. 

Stephanie C.



I'm Elizabeth Sherman.

I’m a certified Life & Weight Loss Coach. I  can help you improve your relationship with food, exercise, your body, and find joy in your life outside of food.

I can help you regain your confidence by creating simple, easy to do habits in the areas of eating, exercising, sleeping, stress management, and body image; and then slowly identifying those unhelpful thoughts around food, exercise and your body so that you can help yourself achieve what you want most over what you want in the moment.

I specialize in helping women over 45 balance their hormones through focusing 5 biomarkers:  energy levels, hunger, cravings, quality of sleep, and mood.

If success was simply about knowing what to do, we would create a goal & follow through. The real question is why aren't we consistent with pursuing our goals & dreams when we know what we should be doing?

The answer to that question is a little complicated, but through helping my clients discover the sneaky thoughts in our mind - everything from negative thought patterns around food and exercise - I'm able to help my clients FINALLY follow their desires, stick to their healthy habits, gain confidence, and be happy.

Total Health by Elizabeth, CEO