Get the Body you Desire without giving up everything that Brings you Joy.

What makes some habits stick, while others just don't? Maybe you have no problem exercising, but you can't get your eating under control?

Maybe its something different: you can't get to sleep on time, can't get into a regular exercise routine, or maybe your stress is totally out of whack.

In this 5 Part Master Class, I'll help you understand why you're stuck and the ways you can think about your body and health that will lead to your break through for success!

It's Your Time . . .

You have worked hard for your success, have built an amazing life, and to say that you're livin' the dream is an understatement. You have so many things to be grateful for. There's just that one thing you can't get a handle on: your weight.

You deserve to have the same success with your body that you have in business and the rest of your life! Stop struggling, stop resisting, and start loving the body you desire. Having your dream body doesn't have to be a struggle. It is possible, and it doesn't require hours in the gym, or having to feel deprived.

In fact, it can even be easy, stress-free and fun!

In this Master Class You'll Learn:

  • 1. The secret to being consistent and disciplined with your healthy habits even after a long day at the office! And no - it doesn't mean spending an extra hour in the kitchen...
  • 2. The reason you feel so unmotivated after a day of meetings, even though you know exercising will make you feel better. And what to do about it! 
  • 3 Despite being a smart, successful woman and knowing exactly what to do, you're just not doing it. There's only ONE THING that's holding you back, and I'm going to tell you exactly what that is and exactly how to fix it.

Elizabeth Sherman
Life & Weight Loss Coach

About Your Guide:

Hi there! I'm Elizabeth Sherman, and I'm an Life & Weight Loss Coach. I help (mostly) women who are struggling to get healthier implement super easy tools into their daily routine. I work with my clients in the areas of stress management, sleep, eating, movement, and how we think about those things.

I believe being healthy shouldn't be confusing or difficult!

I've been a teacher and coach for over 20 years, with multiple certifications in nutrition, personal training, health coaching and more. One thing that I've always been curious about, is what makes some habits stick, while others don't?

It's only through my own journey with struggling to lose weight and maintain it, and working with my clients that I've finally come up with the solution to getting the body that you desire.

The revelations that I'm sharing with you in this webinar is what I've discovered keeps some folks back, and allows others to thrive!