Done with Dieting: A ‘How To’ Live Class • Total Health by Elizabeth


Done with Dieting

A Practical Approach to your Health
for Women in Midlife

Eat. Love. Live. How to Transition from
Dieting to Mindful Eating in Midlife

November 6: 5pm et/4ct/2pt


November 7: 11am et/10ct/8pt

You'll Leave the Class Understanding:

Secrets of Women in Midlife Who Conquer Their Health Struggles

Learn why conventional diets often don't work for women over 40, focusing on unique hormonal and lifestyle changes that come with midlife. Discover the habits, skills, routines, and beliefs that empower women to feel good about their bodies, take control of their health, and maintain a healthy weight.

Why We Can't Resist the Next Diet Trend

Our society's view of food and body image perpetuate the problem, leading us to seek quick fixes instead of addressing the root cause. Uncover how societal influences shape women's relationship with health, appearance, and food.

Identifying the Real Problem

Uncover the one crucial factor that health gurus, diet hackers, trainers, and the fitness industry overlook – it's more powerful than sheer discipline. Learn to recognize that the problem isn't a lack of discipline in you, but a flawed system. 

The 6 Steps To Achieving Food Freedom

Explore the unique approach followed by women who have overcome their weight struggles and now enjoy a healthy, carefree relationship with food. If you’re interested in Intuitive Eating, but have no idea how to get there, these 6 steps will give you the guidance that you need.

About Elizabeth

Life & Health Coach for Women in Mid-life

Podcast Host - The Total Health in Midlife Podcast

The health and fitness world often dishes out one-size-fits-all advice, making you feel like it's your fault if their "miracle diets" don't work for you.

Let me set the record straight: They're the ones who've let you down, not the other way around. Your body isn't a template; it's as unique as you are. That's why I've put together this class—to let you know you're not alone and there's a way forward that actually works.

I get it, I'm a postmenopausal woman who's waded through the confusing maze of diets and workout regimens. I've unlocked the secrets to not just shedding that stubborn midlife weight but keeping it off, no sweat, as we transition out of our reproductive years. Believe me, I've been down the road of doing all "the right things" and still coming up short.

Before Intuitive Eating became a buzzword, I discovered the keys to food freedom. I've honed a proven process and have guided thousands of women to redefine their relationship with food, exercise, and themselves.

With over 17 years of specialized experience working with women navigating menopause and perimenopause, I've gathered invaluable insights that I'm eager to share with you.

So, are you ready to transform your life? There's hope, and I can't wait to show you how.