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Year after year folks start out the new year excited and committed to their new health goals, but by Valentine's Day, most have given up. 

If you want 2019 to be your year, this workshop will give you the tools so that you become one of the 8% of people who actually achieve your 2019 health goals. 

Through the 8 day workshop, with video coaching and a comprehensive workbook, you'll create a complete plan now, so that you can hit the ground running in 2019 with a clear vision all mapped out & ready to go.

I will personally help you do it. Just click the button below to join the Design Your Year Workshop.

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What You'll Get:

The Design Your Year Workshop is an 8 day mini-course where you'll work through all of the things you need to think about & consider to make 2019 a massive success. I'll teach you my signature system for goal setting that will significantly increase your success towards your health goals. 

I'll teach each module in a LIVE setting in the private, closed Facebook group each day of the workshop. 

The workshop runs December 29th - January 5th!

What we'll cover together:

  1. 2018 Review: What went well? And what . . . er . . . um . . . didn't?
  2. Your Ideal Day: Or, as Steven Covey says, 'Begin with the end in mind' 
  3. Postcard from the Future: What advice would your future-self give you?
  4. Outcomes vs. Behaviors: Okay, so you want to lose a few lbs. What do you need to do?
  5. Are you Ready, Willing, and Able? You say that you're ready to change. But are you really?
  6. What Happens when Motivation Fades? Because you know it's gonna. Right?
  7. Where are YOU on the List? Does this really need explaining?
  8. Inspirational Totem: This is where you'll get to choose your mantra for the upcoming year and then use it for strength on those days when you "don't feel like doing it."

Meet Your Coach

Elizabeth Sherman
Executive Health Coach

Hi there! I'm Elizabeth Sherman, and I'm an Executive Health Coach. I help  women (mostly) who are struggling to get healthier implement super easy tools into their daily routine. I work with my clients in the areas of stress management, sleep, eating, movement, and how we think about those things.

I believe being healthy shouldn't be confusing or difficult!

I wan 2019 to be THE YEAR that you're successful in your goals. Sign Up for the FREE Workshop & discover how a little planning can work wonders!!

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