Active Anywhere:
The Traveling Girl's Guide to 
Working Out on the Road

For the Leader Who Won't Let her Busy Schedule Get in the Way of Being Amazing!

  • Finally get CONSISTENT with Short Effective Workouts
  • Improve MENTAL FOCUS and PROBLEMS SOLVING with SO MANY Different Exercises
  • FEEL ENERGIZED All Day with NEW Challenging Moves AND Reach your GOALS
  • Get Strong and INCREASE AUTHORITY with Better Posture - over 100 Video Demos

Elizabeth Sherman, Executive Health Coach - Total Health by Elizabeth

Hi There! I’m Elizabeth! 

I help busy women who are struggling to get healthier create a solution that works for them. I work with my clients on creating simple, easy, and sustainable habits that add up to BIG results.

I've been there. I love to travel & have had jobs in the past where I've traveled over 90% of my time; so I know what it's like to live and struggle with my health while being on the road.

I created this guide to get rid of the frustration: fitting workouts in, or taking the guess work out of their busy travel schedule. Not knowing what to do because you don't know what facilities are available to you is a thing of the past.


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