The Exact Steps to
Gain Control of Your Health

Health & fitness advice can be confusing. Which techniques will help you manage your weight safely? Which things should I be doing on a daily basis? Which habits are best for maintaining my health and mobility as I age?

Health is a continuum. It shouldn't be complicated or difficult. With this guide and checklist, you'll have a great foundation of health & weight loss AND you'll be able to lean into your new lifestyle - which is a better, longer lasting, and sustainable strategy.

Struggle with Being Consistent?

If you've ever gotten overwhelmed with all of the health advice, and just want to get back to basics, you need the 8 Basic Habits that Healthy People Do.

In this guide, I've boiled down all of the health advice to 8 simple, easy to do habits. If you make these habits, you will be certain that you're becoming healthier by the day!

What's Included:
  • You get the "8 Basic Habits" Guide with exactly what you want do to be healthy & why each habit is important. Tackle just one at a time to achieve your best health.
  • You also get a daily checklist, so that you can see which habits you're crushing & which ones need some attention!
  • Actionable Tips & Techniques so that you don't do too much at once and create overwhelm, and continue to ease into your best health.

You helped me find the difference between baking and eating which seems so simple but it was always one in the same for me. And no one else had ever helped me through that. You taught me to start recognizing hunger signals and paying attention to my body. I think the biggest tool you taught me was AWARENESS.

I’ve always known the importance of awareness and being intentional and thoughtful about what I was eating, but somehow you made that skill come to life. I learned so many things from you in such a short amount of time and I will forever be grateful for the changes I have made in myself.


Get the 8 Basic Habits Guide & Checklist

In Case we Haven't Met...

Hi There! I’m Elizabeth Sherman! 

I'm a Master Certified Life and Health Coach for Women in Midlife & have been helping women just like you for over 17 years.

During that time, I've noticed which things we do that make the biggest impact on how we look & feel.

In this guide, I've put that list together, and if you do these basic things, you'll be healthier than most of the people you know. 

This guide & checklist will get you started with helping you to manage your body's hormonal symptoms.

The habits that I outline in this guide are simple and easy to do, but what's more important, they'll make a HUGE impact on your health & waistline!


Group Coaching

What Others Say About the 8 Basic Habits


Weight has always been an issue for me. I have never felt comfortable in my body. I have struggled with weight since I was a teenager. I tried every diet/exercise program out there and kept feeling like I failed.

My friends and family have noticed I have lost weight and have asked what I am doing. When I simply say, eating fruits and vegetables and exercising to feel good, they are shocked I am not doing some regimented program.


I find myself applying what I learned from you across situations. Talking to friends, work situations, all of a sudden the lessons I was learning from you about body scans and thought downloads, habits, self-soothing behaviors, they were everywhere! Being able to apply and share that knowledge (which for me is just making sure it's further ingrained) is amazing!


I developed a healthy relationship with food and even better my entire family developed a healthier relationship with food through my individual work with Elizabeth, I feel in control around food. I can eat whatever I want to eat and there are no forbidden foods. The negative ruminations and guilt associated with eating certain food is completely gone.