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8 Basic Habits Guide

Health & fitness advice can be confusing. Which techniques will help you lose weight safely? Which things should I be doing on a daily basis? Which habits are best for maintaining my health and mobility as I age?

If you've ever gotten overwhelmed with all of the health advice, and just want to get back to basics, you need the 8 Basic Things that Healthy People Do.

In this guide, I've boiled down all of the health advice to 8 simple, easy to do habits. If you make these habits, you will be certain that you're becoming healthier by the day!

Health is a continuum. It shouldn't be complicated or difficult. With this guide and checklist, you'll have a great foundation of health & weight loss AND you'll be able to lean into your new lifestyle - which is a better, longer lasting, and sustainable strategy.

What's Included:

  • You get the "8 Basic Habits" Guide with exactly what you want do to be healthy & why each habit is important. Tackle just one at a time to achieve your best health.
  • You also get a daily checklist, so that you can see which habits you're crushing & which ones need some attention!
  • Actionable Tips & Techniques so that you can continue to ease into your best health.

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In Case we Haven't Met Yet . . .

Hi There! I’m Elizabeth Sherman! 

I have been a habit and skills-based health & weight loss coach for over 13 years. During that time, I've observed with my clients which things we do that make the biggest impact on our health & goals. In this guide, I've put that list together, and if you do these basic things, you'll be healthier than most of the people you know. 

The habits that I outline in this guide are simple and easy to do, but what's more important, they'll make a HUGE impact on your health & waistline!


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