Are You Eating Right & Exercising, but still not getting the Results you want? 

What to do when nothing is working

The Webinar that will kick-start your success!

Discouraged by your results?
Don't Give Up! I can relate.

In this information packed Webinar, we'll explore the 3 Biggest Mistakes that dieters make when trying to lose weight and become healthier, and the fixes to those mistakes - so that you can be successful.

You feel like you're doing everything right!
  • You eat really well: you like vegetables & healthy foods.
  • You're active.
  • You keep up on the latest diet & exercise information.
  • You have a strong social support system - family & friends who love you.
  • You try to get enough sleep, but being honest, who really does that these days?

It's not fair. Isn't this enough?! You're trying so hard, and you feel like you're banging your head against a wall. You keep trying different things and nothing is working.

Yet, you're still not at your goal weight.

I don't get it. What Gives?!?

You feel like what's the point? I mean, it's so frustrating! Why continue to diet & exercise when you're not getting any pay-off?

Don't Quit Yet! Here's what you'll Learn:

  • The 80/20 Rule & how it applies to weight loss and health.
  • How to sift through information to determine what to use & throw away so that you get results!
  • How to gain momentum so that it doesn't feel like you have to keep starting over again & again.
  • How to train yourself to (almost) always be motivated, disciplined, and consistent.
  • How to tap into the wisdom of the future version of yourself - the one who has already has that success!
  • What procrastination, self-sabotage, and 'not feeling like it' are telling you & how to stop.

About your Host

Elizabeth Sherman
Life & Weight Loss Coach

Hi There! I’m Elizabeth! 

I have been a habit and skills-based health coach for over 12 years. One thing that I've always been curious about, is why is it that some folks automatically make the switch, while others don't.

It's only through my own journey with struggling to lose weight and maintain it, and working with my clients that I've finally come up with the solution to getting results without over-complicating it - without dieting, feeling deprived, or .

Health and weight loss can be easy. The resolutions that I share with you in this webinar are the keys I've discovered that will make the difference in your success!

Conquer your Challenges!

We've been told that weight loss is easy - Just eat less & move more. If it were that easy, so many folks wouldn't be struggling. 

But it doesn't have to be a struggle either.

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