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How to Win at Your Goals

This is an AMAZING 8 day email series!

Whatever goals you have – whether they’re about health, organization, or business, this series walks you through the exact steps you need to be successful.

Many times, we’re so motivated to start something, but either we get stuck, something gets in our way, or we’re really not seeing any pay off for all of the time and discomfort that this new behavior change is creating.

So, what are the things that you need to think about and consider to ensure your success?

In this email series I’ll give you exercises to complete so that 1) you have a great plan – better than ‘eat less and exercise more’ and 2) you’ll have strategies that you can use so that when life gets in the way, or motivation fades, you won’t be stuck starting over from the beginning.

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Mindlessly Eat Less Cheat Sheet

mindlesslyeat-lesscheatsheetWe’ve all done it: Looked down at our bowl or plate, and wondered, ‘Where did it all go?’ Although it’s preferable to actually taste your food, in this 2 page PDF, I give you solutions on how to cut down on the damage, by setting up your environment in a way that allows you to eat less – without even thinking about it! Strategies that go beyond eating off of smaller plates.

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 7 Mistakes I Made in My Weight Loss Journey

7-mistakesi-made-in-myweight-loss-journeyWhether losing weight is a new thing for you, or you’re an ole pro, we all make mistakes. Sometimes, we can learn from others, and avoid making those same mistakes ourselves! In this 7 page PDF, I detail each of the mistakes I made in my journey to everlasting weight management, why they were a mistake, and what I learned as a result. Learn from my mistakes! And hopefully, your journey will be much smoother than mine was!

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